Subjest : Customs & Losing Baggage

1. confiscate vt. 沒收
I'm sorry, sir, you can't bring fresh fruit into the United States.
I'm going to have to confiscate these.

2. plenty n. 豐富;充足;大量
Well, don't worry. There's plenty of good fresh fruit here in California.

3. tax n. 稅;稅金
You have quite a lot of gifts. You have to pay tax for this and this.

4. aluminum n. 鋁
A large green backpack with an aluminum frame

5. compensate vt. 補償,賠償
I would like to be compensated for the damage to my bags.

6. baggage claim tag n. 行李籤條
Could I see your baggage claim tag, please? Thank you .
You were on Flight 304 from San Francisco, right?

7. misplace v. 誤放
Just a moment, and I'll check on it for you.
Well, sir, your baggage seems to have been misplaced.

8. fill out v. 填寫(表格、文件)
9. get ~back to 把~送回
I'm terribly sorry. We'll do our best to get it back to you as soon
as possible. Please fill out this claim form with your tag number.

10. What happens if ~ ? 萬一~呢?
What happens if you don't find it.
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