1. compensate v. 賠償
I would like to be compemsated for the damage to my bags.

2. reservation n. 預訂
I'd like to make a reservation for one for tomorrow.

3. endorse v. 背書;簽署
Will you endorse my air ticket?

4. depart v. 出發
Flight 1, departing on April 2 from Los Angeles.

5. ma'am n. 女士
Ma'am. May I have your ticket and passport, please?

6. boarding pass n. 登機證
Here's your boarding pass and your ticket with your baggage claim tag.

7. straight on 直走
Through security and straight on.

8. porter n. 腳伕
Excuse me, where can I get a porter

9. cab n. 計程車
Can you call me a cab?

10. keep the change 不用找錢
Here is two dollars. Keep the change.
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