1. airsickness(暈機)
Do you have any medicine for airsickness?

2. blanket(毯子)
Please give me a blanket.

3. soft drink(清涼飲料)

4. alcoholic drink(酒類飲料)
What kind of soft(or alcoholic) drinks do you have?

5. duty-free good(免稅品)
When can I buy some duty-free goods?

6. stop-over(中途停留 or 過境)
How long is the stop-over?

7. aisle seat(靠走道座位)
Your seat is this way. It's an aisle seat on the right.

8. airborne(離陸的)
Sir, please don't smoke until we are airborne and the "No smoking" sign is turned off.

9. fasten(繫住,使牢固)
Please make certain that your seat belt is securely fastened and your seat is in the upright position.

10. headset(耳機)
Would you like a headset, sir, for the movie and music?
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